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Luxury Travel Guide Winner 2017

We are so proud to be a Luxury Travel Guide Winner 2017 for Excellence in Service as a tour operator in Brisbane in our very first year of operation! According to the Luxury Travel Guide website, winners are selected as follows: [...]

Luxury Travel Guide Winner 20172018-06-05T13:41:55+10:00

Beer + Chocolate Tasting: What are the best pairings?

Maybe you're gearing yourself up for the family's visit over the Easter holidays and wondering how to stock your fridge, or perhaps you have lots of chocolate eggs calling your name and need something to wash them down with. No [...]

Beer + Chocolate Tasting: What are the best pairings?2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Our First Birthday

Happy birthday to us! We're super excited to have celebrated our first birthday (or anniversary, if you will) on Sunday, April 2nd 2017. Over the past year we have learned so much about beer, beer production, the process, and the [...]

Our First Birthday2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Gueze Boon Lambic

Here at Hop On Brewery Tours, we try our hardest to sample the newest, freshest beers on the market. For you, our public. Sometimes this means attending festivals around this fine country of ours, and sometimes it's by receiving some [...]

Gueze Boon Lambic2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Why Go On A Brewery Tour?

Why go on a brewery tour? Why not catch a cab and go bar hopping? Or jump on a bus? Or call an Uber at each stop? Wouldn’t that be cheaper? In the long run, probably. But when you go [...]

Why Go On A Brewery Tour?2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Which Corporation Owns Australian Craft Breweries?

Unsure if the beer you're drinking is craft? The number of independent, small craft breweries in Australia - also called micro breweries or boutique breweries - has been growing steadily in the past few years. An ever-changing ebb-and-flow of openings [...]

Which Corporation Owns Australian Craft Breweries?2018-07-05T12:09:48+10:00

Crafty Pint’s Top 10 New QLD craft beers for 2016

Which QLD craft beers made the list? It's that time of year when lists abound: Best of, Worst of, Top 10 , Bottom 10, Marriages, Deaths and Births. With the QLD craft beers scene growing exponentially, the sense of community is being [...]

Crafty Pint’s Top 10 New QLD craft beers for 20162017-10-23T19:41:24+10:00

GABS Hottest 100

Voting now open for 2016's best beers! Tis the season! GABS Hottest 100 No, we're not talking about Christmas, but the GABS Hottest 100! Every year, Australian micro breweries and craft beers go head-to-head to earn the respected title of [...]

GABS Hottest 1002019-04-04T14:58:05+10:00

Bacchus Brewing – Honky Stonk Woman

Dessert beer for any climate It may be hot and sweaty here in Queensland, but that doesn't mean dark beers are off the menu. Cue Bacchus Brewing Co's Honky Stonk Woman, a combination of deep, rich, delicious flavours of coffee, [...]

Bacchus Brewing – Honky Stonk Woman2018-04-06T12:41:09+10:00

The Tale of Pacific Ales

Ok, it's not really a tale. I'm not going into the history or the style guidelines that define a "Pacific Ale", but it's become a very popular beer - especially in Queensland - thanks to the ubiquity of Stone & [...]

The Tale of Pacific Ales2017-10-24T09:53:41+10:00
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