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Archer Brewing

The idea was born on a plane from Melbourne to Brisbane and named after the first plane one of the owners flew during his days as a commercial pilot, and now Archer Brewing is the newest brewery to open in Brisbane.

As luck would have it, Archer Brewing was offered the use of the 600 litre brewing system (installed in 2000) housed in the basement of the International Hotel in Spring Hill, providing them with a physical home instead of a gypsy brewing status.

Today, well-known brewer Gavin Croft is leading the charge, with a focus on the use of all-Australian ingredients. The on-site brewery can be viewed from a relaxed bar space that has been spruced up, offering guests a WWII-bunker atmosphere.

Archer Brewing at the International Hotel may be one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets, but not for long! We know there’s more brewing under the Archer banner, and with an award-winning brewer now taking the reins, it’s sure to be at the top of everyone’s must-visit list.