Brewsvegas 2019 Follow-Up

And just like that, a month has passed since Brewsvegas 2019. We had big plans, thinking we’re still young enough to rock our party pants all week long, but alas – the train ride to and from Brisbane took its toll on us early in the festival. Party pants are waiting patiently for next year.

Brewsvegas 2019 SA PoO

Starting at Brewhouse Brisbane’s South Australia Pint of Origin


BUT we still had a blast! Unfortunately we missed the launch party on the night of the 14th, but Friday 15 March we were up and at it! Our first stop was the #brewseum at Brewhouse Brisbane where we enjoyed a few South Australian bevvies as part of the Pint of Origin. After two beers apiece we meandered to Sea Legs for some more fine beers. The idea was to play some cornhole and eat enough food to earn our Sea Legs (or, at the very least, a pair of branded socks) but the boards were still drying, so we had to postpone our competition for another day.

Brewsvegas 2019 at Sea Legs

Making our way to Sea Legs for some special beers and cornhole!

From Sea Legs it was time to “Cross the Bass Strait” starting in Tassie at Zero Fox. A few from Kick Snare and another couple from T-Bone made the journey extremely worthwhile, but then it was time to ferry over to Newstead to disembark. Paddling our way to Victoria, we sampled some sippers from Bridge Road Brewers and collabs with Newstead and Exit and Newstead and Stomping Ground.

Our bellies full (the pork dumplings at Newstead are amazing!) and the rain not stopping, it was our sign to head home. Big day of work ahead – tours stop for nothing (except maybe GABS)!

And then it was Sunday…

Sunday was our much-anticipated day off and we got to the city early to enjoy Brewhouse Brisbane’s Breakfast of Champions. Oh YUM – the food was sensational!

Brewsvegas 2019 Breakfast of Champions

Ready to get into it!

      • Course 1: Hotcakes – with blitzed bacon and blueberry compote served with maple syrup.
        Served with: Quince Saison by Left Barrel Brewing
      • Course 2: Sausage and egg muffin – with chilli relish, candied bacon and green stuff.
        Served with: ‘ard bitter by Western Ridge Brewing
      • Course 3: Chicken and waffles – with gooey fried egg, flat fried bacon and maple hollandaise.
        Served with: I can’t believe it’s not bacon by Barossa Valley Brewing
      • Digestif: Imperial Stout by Woolshed Brewing
Moby Dick Ambergris Ale

Ambergris is essentially vomit from a sperm whale.

  • Specialty Pour: Moby Dick Ambergris Ale (originally brewed for GABS 2016) by Robe Town Brewing

We were SO FULL after the incredible food (and surprise 5th taster of Moby Dick Ambergris Ale by Robetown Brewing) that we weren’t rushing anywhere with any sense of urgency. It was great meeting new people and catching up with friends. We were meant to participate in the three-legged race, but it was far too late to start (all the good stuff in the scavenger hunt would have been scavenged) and we were far too laden with beer.

So after some tough decision making, it was time to start on another trip across the Bass Strait, starting in Victoria (Newstead) this time.

Brewsvegas Week Carries On In Style!

Monday we had tickets to Journey to the Maltiverse, but sharing the love is important, so first we started with some barrel-aged stouts (well, one stout. A pony.) at Brewski, where we ran into our old mate Leo (previously from Green Beacon) and had a chat. Taking advantage of their sensational burgers, we loaded ourselves up before making our way to Mongrel. Via Aether, of course, to try their Peanut Butter Cream Ale. Hells yeah!

Brewsvegas 2019 at Mongrel

Full and happy after a great event: Journey to the Maltiverse

Brewsvegas 2019 Malty Snacks

Delicious malty snacks at Journey to the Maltiverse

At Mongrel there was a great group of beer lovers and we mulled around drinking our way through the cards we received on arrival, specially brewed for the event. The event was fantastic, with Stu from Voyager Malt hosting the evening and each of the brewers who were part of the event took turns speaking about the specific unique malt they showcased in their beer and why it was important to them to contribute to this evening and work with a local Australian craft maltster.

There were also plenty of delicious “malty” snacks to munch on, including the most fabulous malt-based arancini balls and the tastiest ice cream at the end of the night! Oh yeah, and the beers were pretty awesome, too. In fact, this was one of the best Brewsvegas events we attended during the week, so well done to everyone involved.

Time for Brewers Trivia 2019!

The following day, Tuesday 19 March, was our 2nd Annual Brewers Trivia! (Surely there have been more than 2, but this is the 2nd one we attended). First we had a stop at Netherworld for their Pint of Origin (ACT) before making our way to The Mill where we were met with a cold pint of BNEIPA as we settled into our teams.

Brewsvegas 2019 Victory at Trivia

Winning team 2nd year in a row!

Unbeknownst to us until we got there, two of our fellow teammates were recently guests on tour with us! Very cool to meet up again. Away we went, kicking butt and taking names (with a few deceptions along the way – Matt Glanville!), and in the end….WE WERE VICTORIOUS! How fantastic, walking away with a second victory! It was a great night, topped off with a pint of Killer Kween by Stone & Wood, before the drive home (we made sure one of us wasn’t drinking too much – just couldn’t bear the thought of another train ride!)

Not pictured in this amazing team photo is our spirit guide, Beyonce, who watched us from above and gave us the knowledge to follow our dreams!



Brewsvegas 2019 IPA Royalty

Look who it is! Tom Delmont from Fixation!

After a much-needed day of recovery (sorry, livers), we were back in Brisbane on Thursday for the IPA Masterclass at Tippler’s Tap. Three amazing breweries were being showcased, including Fixation, Modus Operandi and Sauce. Lots of beer and an excellent event – especially for people who aren’t in the industry. What an exciting way to meet some of the best brewers in the country (here’s looking at you, Tom Delmont) and try some of the most raved-about IPAs currently on the market!

Friday was another day of work (thank goodness!), and though we had good intentions to visit Well Tapped that night, time caught up with us and we opted to head home instead. Considering it was such a great time last year, we definitely look forward to it for Brewsvegas 2020!


Brewsvegas 2019 Brewers Panel at Newstead

Brewing Royalty from Victoria

And Saturday, as Brewsvegas was wearing down, was another day at work. One of us was lucky enough to swing by Green Beacon for the launch of their “Fathom” Barrel-Aged beers and try a couple on tap, but barrel-aged tends to mean “big”, so had to mind our p’s and q’s! Had the absolute pleasure of running into the teams from Exit Brewing and Killer Sprocket, who got the royal treatment (ie a ride to avoid the rain) for their upcoming Brewers Panel at Newstead.

Both of us were able to catch this fantastic lineup of Victorian brewing fame, the masterminds from Killer Sprocket (sorry, you got cut out of the picture!), Exit, Stomping Ground, Bridge Road, Newstead (not Victorian, but important!) and 3 Ravens. Absolute cracker of a night, chatting with the brewers and hearing their horror stories (and success stories too, of course, but those are less interesting) and words of wisdom.

Brewsvegas 2019: Final Thoughts

Overall, Brewsvegas 2019 was a successful citywide event with heaps of different activities and events on offer. Ranging from meet-and-greets to tap-takeovers to farm tours, the unique offerings made this one of the best balanced years that we’ve attended. Sure, there were things we would have loved to do and didn’t have the chance, but that’s partially due to work commitments and partially due to the fact that we aren’t based in Brisbane.

So, Brewsvegas crew, when are you coming to the Gold Coast?

Until 2020!!

Cheers and beers,
Matt and Jos