We are so excited to announce our two NEW TOURS, with focus on the nano-producers: the blink-and-you-might-miss-them, I’ve-never-heard-of-them, how-do-they-fit-all-this-in-here venues that capture the hearts of anyone who visits.

Our Makers Tour Brisbane starts the morning with a coffee cupping session at a local coffee roaster/brewery/distillery, and even though Fonzie Abbott is the sort of venue where you could park yourself for an all day session and seamlessly transition from breakfast and freshly-roasted coffee to a delicious lunch and beer tasting paddle into evening cocktails featuring on-site-distilled gins and vodkas, we’re only here for the coffee. You’ll have to explore the rest on your own. After learning about where the beans are sourced, how they are roasted, and what makes the perfect cuppa, it’s time to calm down your racing heart with a scrumptious baked treat to accompany your java-based beverage of choice.

Once your sweet tooth is sated, it’s time to let your bitter side shine through. A staple of many of our Brisbane-based brewery tours, Newstead Brewing Co (Doggett Street) is one of the best breweries in Brisbane to understand how locally grown ingredients, beer, and history all tie in together. With a huge focus on independence, sustainability, and community, Newstead pairs with local producers for heaps of beer-related goodies, along with foodstuffs for their restaurants. Learn the stories behind the names of Newstead’s beers and delve deeper into Brisbane history, all within the walls of an 80-year-old building in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Are your tastebuds tingling? Next is some lunch at Mongrel, a predominantly Peruvian-inspired, partially plant-based restaurant in Milton, whose focus is also local, sustainable food sourcing. Notice a trend here? As they describe themselves and their food, “We like our producers local, our food ethically sourced, and our flavour pimpin’.” What more can be said? Always supporters of local beer, wine and spirits producers, there’s not a macro lager in sight during our relaxed visit here.

To cap off a fantastic exploration savouring sights and samples, come with us to explore how rum is made at Milton Rum Distillery, where head distiller Alex will walk through a guided tasting of various styles of rum. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a rum drinker, we’re sure you’ll find something delectable on offer here. From the Caribbean to Central America to England and beyond, the history and variety of rum is not for the faint hearted! Yo-ho-ho…

Find yourself further south? Our Makers Tour Gold Coast includes an interstate drive to start the morning at Cudgen’s Red Earth Brewing. Situated on a working avocado farm and with red dust swirling at your feet, head brewer Zeke will serve up tank fresh beers to try as he explains the brewing process, the importance of sustainability in beer, and helps each guest discover their personal favourite.

Driving can be hungry work, so as we cross back into Queensland we swing into Pasture & Co for a divine lunch and beer. Their own words say it best, and Pasture & Co is “passionate about using local, fresh, in season and, where possible, organic produce and ingredients,” and even the beer they serve comes from a local, independent brewery. With an ever-changing menu, the hardest decision you’ll make all day is what yummy meal to order!

Granddad Jack's gin

Now that there’s a good lining on your stomach, it’s time to break out the big (little) guns at Granddad Jack’s Distillery. This local venue is easy to pass by if you don’t know it’s there, but once inside a whole new world comes alive. Father-and-son owners Dave and Luke will guide you through the history of Granddad Jack’s while also physically exploring the space, finishing with the gin distilling process, gin tasters, and a chat about why their whisky isn’t quite whisky yet. Get it? You will.

One last drive to the northern end of the Gold Coast, where we tap into the Belgian beer scene with a visit to Madocke Brewing Company. Situated in a residential two-car garage, the beers here are truly out of this world. Speak with owners/brewers Jimmy and Annelies, who share their passion for good beer, discuss the unique ingredients that make their beers stand out, and learn the story of a sneaky fox. It’s hard to escape without a gift box, as even the non-beer-drinkers that join us on the day out will find that this isn’t your father’s XXXX.

What are you waiting for? Our new tours offer something for everybody! Whether you’re a beer nerd, a gin aficionado, a rum runner, or just a person who enjoys exploring new places, our new Makers Tours get guests beyond beer and straight to the beating hearts of the local communities.

We look forward to having you on board!

Cheers and beers (and rums, gins, coffees, etc.),
Joslyn and Matt