Queensland Beer Festivals 2019

Two of Queensland’s best known Beer Festivals have been and gone for 2019: the Gold Coast’s Crafted Beer Festival 2019 and the most recent iteration of Brisbane’s Beer InCider.

With hundreds of beers on tap from dozens of Australia’s best breweries, food carts galore, live music, and the sun shining above (oh, and don’t forget the beer yoga and ping pong), these two festivals were celebrations of all things frothy. Whether you came in as the world’s most proud beer geek, or just wanted to see some live, local music performances, there was something on offer for everyone who walked in the gate at this year’s Crafted Beer Festival in Broadbeach, or Beer InCider in Brisbane.

If you were there, you would have noticed the vast array of colours, flavours and aromas wafting towards you from the myriad beers on offer. Did you know beer could taste like grape bubble-gum? What about making beer from local ingredients, such as finger lime and saltbush? Or a rich, peanut buttery, chocolatey dessert stout that pairs well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? All this and more was on offer at the range of stands featured at the festival, and for beer “novices”, the choice may have been either overwhelming or exciting.

Where to begin with so many beers?

As a punter, were you unsure where to start? So many choices, so little time – often a dilemma at these festivals – as you wandered around the grounds searching for familiar, recognisable brands. Or perhaps you approached with a different mentality, taking it all in and letting your tastebuds follow your feet. Either way, a previous trip with Hop On Brewery Tours would have helped you navigate this potentially unfamiliar landscape, helping you understand the difference between a lager, a pale ale, a sour beer or a stout.

Wow, I love beer!  Now what?

Maybe now you’re hooked, and don’t know where to head from here. After all, there can’t be a Crafted Beer Festival or Beer InCider every weekend! Who makes the best beer for your palate? Where can you buy it? Are you supporting a local brewery, or an overseas brand? It’s a big world out there, with over 600 craft breweries in Australia and around 30 in Brisbane/Gold Coast alone, and this can be daunting to continue your beer journey after attending a single beer festival.

A great way to explore the local beer scene is by jumping on a brewery tour! Get behind the scenes of some of Australia’s best breweries, learn the ins and outs of brewing (we don’t give away all the secrets!) and chat with some of passionate brewers within the industry. We answer all those “silly” questions that you might not have felt comfortable asking before, or maybe you didn’t even know you had the questions until you start down the rabbit hole of craft beer.

Keep an eye on our events page for other opportunities to get out and explore the local beer scene. From beer + food nights and trivia to week-long beer festivals and free tastings, we list beer-related events happening around Gold Coast and Brisbane so you can attend ones that interest you the most.

I already loved beer! Now what?

Already a beer aficionado? Great – we want you to come with us and share your love of good beer with others! Having hosted homebrewers, professional brewers (we won’t name names, but we’ve been fortunate to have some amazing Aussie and Kiwi brewers come along on tour with us), beer podcasters, and the ultimate beer enthusiasts, many have come away from the tour having picked up a few tidbits of random beer trivia.

When it’s so easy to grab fresh, local beer from the local, why are these VIPs travelling with Hop On Brewery Tours? First off all, we do the driving! With our full day brewery tours including upwards of 3 litres of beer (ranging from 3.5% – 9%!), it’s the best option to visit multiple venues without waiting for buses, ferries, ubers, or walking in the hot Queensland sun. Secondly, we are able to get behind the scenes at many of the breweries where regular visitors can’t get to. This experience gives our guests a unique perspective on the brewery and brewing process – and makes other people a bit jealous! And third, it’s a great day out full of fun facts, beer trivia, and the chance to meet like-minded people, whether they’re locals or visiting from interstate/overseas.

How can I learn more?

Because our tours focus on beer education and appreciation, we are here to help you navigate the bubbly seas of craft beer. As the original craft beer tours in Southeast Queensland, we have built a strong reputation with the breweries and venues around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, establishing ourselves as the go-to tour company for all your brewery tour needs.

From short, half-day Gold Coast tours to relaxing full-day Brisbane brewery tours, the award-winning team at Hop On Brewery Tours is here to change your perception of beer and find what suits you best.

Questions? Hit us up via email or give us a call. We’d love to answer your queries and invite you hop on with us!

Cheers and beers,
Joslyn and Matt