Matt and I don’t get up to Brisbane for events very often, mainly because it either means 2+ hours (round trip) and almost $40 on the train, or one of us has to drive and doesn’t get to partake in all the fun. However last Thursday night we made an exception (I opted to drive) and made our way into the city for the launch of Slipstream Brewing Co’s beers at The Scratch. Matt and Jos at the Slipstream launch

Having met Deale and Ian on a previous visit to the yet-unfinished brewery (they were brewing the Yeerongpils Pilsner the day after our visit), we were fortunate enough to sample some of the beers off the pilot system and were impressed. Nothing crazy or too thought-provoking, just good solid beers. And the night at The Scratch, we were treated to more of the same.

The setup was great: for $25 you received a generous taster of each of the 5 brews on tap, including Slipstream’s aforementioned Yeerongpils, Magic Mile XPA, Billy Cart Rye Ale (mid strength), G-Force IPA and Backstreet Brown. As the two in charge of the brewery were busy chatting with others, we didn’t get the rundown of the meanings of the names behind the beers, but that will come in time. The XPA and the Billy Cart seemed to be the standouts of the night, both in our opinions and having spoken to many of the other punters that were imbibing that evening, but all of the Slipstream range was consistent and tasty.

Speaking of punters, the turnout at The Scratch was a veritable who’s-who of the Brisbane beer scene. One of the reasons we get so passionate about what we do and craft beer in general is the fact that there’s such an excellent community behind it. Yes, there’s friendly competition, but everyone knows that more local breweries will get more people switching away from mass-produced (and mass-consumed), bland beers. And it’s absolutely exciting to witness as we surrounded ourselves with people from all facets of the beer-loving bubble. From head brewers to home brewers and local legends to impromptu visitors – plus everyone in between – it probably took us longer arriving and departing than drinking the beers on offer.

It was a great night, not just to try some fresh-as beers, but to see the outpouring of support from the Brisbane beer community. Slipstream, you are warmly welcomed to the family, and for those of you living in the Yeerongpilly area (or along the train line), now you know where you can soon find a new local watering hole.

Cheers and beers,
Jos and Matt