Brewsvegas 2019: Follow-Up

Brewsvegas 2019 Follow-Up And just like that, a month has passed since Brewsvegas 2019. We had big plans, thinking we're still young enough to rock our party pants all week long, but alas - the train ride to and from [...]

Brewsvegas 2019: Follow-Up2019-04-23T16:34:35+10:00

Choosing the best brewery tour

What should you look for when choosing the best brewery tour? With the explosion of craft breweries across Australia, more and more companies are starting up to showcase the venues in their region. There are varying levels of professional tour [...]

Choosing the best brewery tour2019-03-01T16:51:31+10:00

Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Brewery Tour

Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Brewery Tour As the dry season is at its peak and summertime is at its prime, office workers everywhere are looking for an excuse to kick back and quench their thirst with a cold [...]

Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Brewery Tour2019-01-17T11:47:16+10:00

Brewsvegas 2018

Brewsvegas 2018: A not-so-concise summary of events from the Hop On Brewery Tours It’s hard to believe that over a month has passed since Brewsvegas 2018 came to a close. With so many festivals around the country touting the best [...]

Brewsvegas 20182018-06-05T13:28:43+10:00

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018 - and what a year it will be! We can't wait for the year ahead! With lofty yet achievable business goals, a few beer festivals on the horizon, plus a bevvy of new breweries set to open [...]

Welcome to 2018!2018-06-05T13:39:13+10:00

Slipstream Launch at The Scratch

Matt and I don't get up to Brisbane for events very often, mainly because it either means 2+ hours (round trip) and almost $40 on the train, or one of us has to drive and doesn't get to partake in [...]

Slipstream Launch at The Scratch2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Our First Birthday

Happy birthday to us! We're super excited to have celebrated our first birthday (or anniversary, if you will) on Sunday, April 2nd 2017. Over the past year we have learned so much about beer, beer production, the process, and the [...]

Our First Birthday2018-04-06T12:41:08+10:00

Bacchus Brewing – Honky Stonk Woman

Dessert beer for any climate It may be hot and sweaty here in Queensland, but that doesn't mean dark beers are off the menu. Cue Bacchus Brewing Co's Honky Stonk Woman, a combination of deep, rich, delicious flavours of coffee, [...]

Bacchus Brewing – Honky Stonk Woman2018-04-06T12:41:09+10:00

Things to do during School Holidays

Brewery Tour the perfect activity for school holidays - for the parents, at least Looking for something to do during the school holidays on the Gold Coast? Rain bringing you down? Not interested in shopping or roller coasters? Whether you're [...]

Things to do during School Holidays2017-10-24T10:13:57+10:00

Craft Beer Bottle Shops & Bars Brisbane

We always recommend drinking at and buying directly from the brewery nearest to you, and there are many craft breweries to choose from! Nothing tastes better than a beer straight from the tank, and you can't beat the prices [...]

Craft Beer Bottle Shops & Bars Brisbane2019-04-04T14:46:41+10:00
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