If you’re new to the beer world or tend to buy your beer in stubbies, “growler” may be a new term to you.

In the simplest terms, growlers are large bottles, usually glass but sometimes plastic or stainless steel, used for beer. The average size of a growler is 1.89L, or about 5.5 stubbies worth, and many breweries sell their own that you can then pay to fill with their (or someone else’s – most of the time) beer.

Squealers, the smaller sibling of the growler, is 950 – 1000ml, or almost 3 stubbies worth of beer.

What’s the point of growler and squealers?

Well, they’re a great way to bring beer home or to a party, especially if that beer isn’t yet found in bottles or cans. Unless the beer is on hand pump or nitro, a growler can be filled, enjoyed and refilled with any kind of brew, from the palest ale to the stormiest stout. While you can refrigerate beer in an unopened growler or squealer for around 2 weeks, it’s recommended to drink within the first few days. Once opened, you will want to finish it pretty quickly so the beer doesn’t lose its bubbles.

Filling a few growlers and bringing them to a group dinner is a fantastic way to introduce people to various kinds of beers without having to buy single cans (which go down very quickly) or entire six packs (if the beer isn’t amazing). Alternatively, you can buy beer in a growler that you can’t find near home and bring it back to enjoy at your leisure. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

During your Hop On Brewery Tour you will have the option to buy squealers or growlers at many of the venues we visit so you can take home a reminder of your day. We even keep an esky in the back of the van so your beer will stay chilled during your day out! Aren’t we thoughtful? With so much incredible Gold Coast craft beer and fun Brisbane flavours, you can’t help but be tempted!