With the growing number of craft microbreweries and nano distilleries in Queensland’s Southeast, it can be difficult to keep up with all the openings and closures! There may be many that you haven’t heard of, and it’s possible that there’s one near you that you’ve never visited! To give you a snapshot of who we partner with (which is the vast majority of Brisbane breweries and Gold Coast breweries and distilleries), we have listed here the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and suburban venues that we visit.

These breweries use 100% natural ingredients blended perfectly to create refreshing, delicious beers to suit all preferences. Whether you call it craft beer, boutique beer, independent beer, or good beer, we celebrate the variety of styles, colours and flavours produced at these breweries. Beer connoisseurs and novices alike will be sure to find something they enjoy, and even non-beer drinkers have the chance to sample ciders and lighter ales.

Click on any of the logos below to read more about your favourite Queensland brewery or distillery, or discover a new craft beer producer just around the corner from where you might be. Also, if you are curious to know who owns some of the larger well-known “craft breweries” around Australia, you can have a look at our updated ownership chart.

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